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Hand Crafting The Shape of Genius

Client: Monitor Audio Group
Date: May 2023


Matt spent four days documenting this truly unique speaker coming to life. The film showcases the craftsmanship, attention to detail and production techniques required to produce a speaker that celebrates Monitor Audio’s 50th anniversary. Cut with an epic retro synth track we hope that the video expresses the bold statement that Hyphn will make.      



“Matt the video is amazing, well done. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and effort. It looks incredible; it has got to among the best video work we’ve produced as a brand so far”


Global Marketing Director Michael Johnson's voice note after watching the film for the first time 

The Shape of Genius

Client: Monitor Audio Group
Date: May 2023

Hotmilk Films was commissioned to produce a product documentary to showcase the design philosophy behind Monitor Audio Group’s most ambitions project to date.

We crafted the in depth interviews to give an overview of the project and added depth and understanding by including the assembly video footage along with slick product shots.

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Making of the 800 Series Diamond

Client: Bowers & Wilkins
Date: July 2016

The brief was to capture the intricate and lengthy process that is undertaken to produce the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series Diamond loudspeakers. Hotmilk Films spent four days in their factory in Worthing following the production process. A particular challenge was to keep the focus on the craft of the product which could easily be lost in the busy factory setting, we achieved this by filming from above and keeping the product in the centre of frame with a shallow depth of field. We were able to produce several films for this product within this 4-day shoot.

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