Product commercial 


From ideation, storyboarding through to filming, editing and final delivery we support the end-to-end production of commercials that hero the craft and ingenuity of your products. Your products deserve to be showcased in their best light and we have the experience and technical know-how to bring that vision to fruition within a supportive partnership.

Product Process 


There’s never been a better time to showcase the manufacturing process of your product. With transparency and craft at the centre, Hotmilk Films captures the often overlooked detail of your product process with passion and intimacy.  In a single shoot several engaging,

narrative-led stories can be produced to showcase your process to different audiences with differing levels of technical detail or product focus.

Explainer Video 


Hotmilk Films offers what can often be considered as an after-thought as yet another opportunity to cement your brand in your customers mind. Marrying on screen info-graphics, product

walk-throughs and other animation elements we bring clarity to your product information. We will work with a range of budgets offering script writing, storyboarding and locations where needed.

Mini Documentary 


At Hotmilk Films we are passionate about capturing the details of your project in a short film with a narrative arc and a filmmaker's eye. This is more than just talking heads and demonstrations, we’ve worked with top artists, manufacturers and researchers, putting ourselves in their shoes to bring their project to life; consistently delivering crafted masterpieces that our clients want to show again and again.



Capturing the immersive nature of your work can feel insurmountable. At Hotmilk Films we capture what still photography is unable to. Partnering artist interviews with audience testimonies we map the intentions and the experience against a backdrop of beautifully filmed shots of the work, this enables us to encapsulate the full experience and in a thought provoking and sensitive way.



We experience excellence through all our senses. Do not rely on photography or just footage in a sequence to showcase the guest experience. Hotmilk Films brings a directors eye and cinematic approach to your resort: choosing the best angles; drawing out the intangible luxury and quality of your service.

Case Studies 


Education and research bodies can tap into the ever-increasing desire for bitesize informative videos by partnering with Hotmilk Films. We couple our cinematic eye with a down-to-earth approach to people and topics: putting the people in front of the camera at ease with our empathic approach to interviewing whilst capturing the essence of the topic in an engaging manner. 



There is so much work that goes into producing an event so it is a missed opportunity not to capture it with the same level of passion and detail. Our event videos can engage the audience who were not there and promote your future events. We have produced all types of event films from product launches to award shows. We have the experience to cinematically capture your event.



Capturing the heart of your cause with integrity and sensitivity is paramount for our Director, Matt Watt. He has a huge amount of experience interviewing people within sensitive settings and helping people to feel at ease in front of the camera.