Mini Documentary 


At Hotmilk Films we are passionate about capturing the details of your project in a short film with a narrative arc and a filmmaker's eye. This is more than just talking heads and demonstrations, we’ve worked with top artists, manufacturers and researchers, putting ourselves in their shoes to bring their project to life; consistently delivering crafted masterpieces that our clients want to show again and again.

The Making of Seven Notes

Client: Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins

Camera: Canon C300 and Alexa Arri 


The brief was to follow Music Producer Howie B as he created music from a Maserati engine; celebrating the partnership between Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati. Our Director captured three key days of the project which culminated in a recording a world-renowned Abbey Road Studios. The client was incredibly pleased with the outcome which still to this day is a favourite portfolio piece for many.

Jef Neve recording 'One' at Abbey Road Studios

Client: Bowers & Wilkings
Camera: Canon 7D 


The brief was to follow Belgian jazz pianist Jef Neve while he recorded his debut solo album 'One' and focus on how the clients 800 series diamond speakers helped in the recording process. A particular challenge was like many projects like these, we are filming as a small piece of a much larger project. Matt always appreciates and embraces the challenge; on this occasion Matt had three hours to film Jef playing in his sound check and we were very pleased with the result.

Hollie McNish at Abbey Road

Client: Bowers & Wilkins

Camera: Canon 7d

The brief was to capture a historic day where spoken word artist Hollie McNish was the first poet to ever record at Abbey Road Studios. Our Director spent one day with Hollie and Grammy award winning Sound Engineer Johnathan Allen filming master interviews and supporting shots to make this mini documentary.