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We experience excellence through all our senses. Do not rely on photography or just footage in a sequence to showcase the guest experience. Hotmilk Films brings a directors eye and cinematic approach to your resort: choosing the best angles; drawing out the intangible luxury and quality of your service.

Palazzo Avino

Client: Thomas Manss & Company

Camera: Sony FS700

Date: September 2015

The brief was to create a video that would be true to the luxury and magic customers experience when staying in the 5-star Amalfi Coast hotel.


Client: Ritz Carlton

Production company: Thomas Manss & Company

Camera: Sony F3

Date: 2013 

The brief was to capture the beauty of the 5-star Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve located in Krabi, Thailand. Matt and award winning DOP David Proctor worked with Thomas Manss & Company. We spent six days covering key aspects of the hotel using two models.

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